Sell Beef Direct

We help ranchers increase their profits by making it easy to market directly to consumers.

Bacanpo is for Ranchers

Bacanpo—a combination of a family brand and a Chilean term for the best—has developed the best system for ranchers to sell direct to consumers, eliminating the need for middle men who eat up margins and often put ranchers out of business.

Build a customer base

Discover how to build a customer base of consumers who are excited to pay retail prices directly to your local ranch.

Create recurring orders

Establish a reliable revenue stream by getting customers to order frequently.

Increase profits

Imagine getting retail pricing for your beef. Selling direct to consumers helps you maximize profits and grow your ranch.

Sell locally

No need to figure out cross-country or international shipping. Find plenty of customers within 50 miles of your operation.


I'm Mitch Weight

Over the past twenty years I've developed and executed growth-marketing programs for businesses large and small—generating over a billion dollars in sales. In that same time I've also learned my ancestor's craft of ranching. Beginning in 1904 my great-grandfather homesteaded a ranch alongside his three brothers. The tradition has been carried down over generations. 

As I began ranching I quickly saw the need for ranchers to be able to sell at retail, instead of losing money year after year selling to the auction houses.That's how Bacanpo was born—from the need to help ranchers sell locally and to help consumers gain access to the best beef on the planet, without having to go to the supermarket.

Bacanpo CEO

How It Works


Establish your brand and online presence easily with our help.


Build your customer base without having to go out and sell.


Create opportunities for customers to reorder.


Scale your operation to reach your goals.

We Do It For You

From designing your brand, to building your online store, to getting you followers and engagement on social media, Bacanpo is your guide. We've helped dozens of ranchers transform their businesses into profitable enterprises and we can help you too.  

Your ranch can be more profitable than ever

Ranchers are getting lower prices for beef and consumers are paying more than ever. So who's making money in the beef industry? Auction houses and multinational beef corporations are paying ranchers less and keeping the profits to boost their stock price. It's time for ranchers to change the way the system works.

Your Product Is Worth More

Consumers are buying beef, and if your ranch could get retail price for its product, instead of settling for wholesale, your entire business could change.

Your Customers Are Local

There are probably millions of customers near you that would buy from you if they had the opportunity. It's likely you could sell every ounce of your beef to local buyers, easily.

Our Approach


  • We identify your strengths and the biggest opportunities for your ranch
  • We identify your ranch's weaknesses and plan according to your resources
  • We seek to understand your goals and aspirations for your ranch


  • We quickly begin developing your brand, website, and social media channels
  • We develop the strategy, products, and go-to-market plan.


Launch and Grow
  • We deploy social content and begin building your customer base
  • We use giveaways and other organic growth tools to create loyalty
  • We help encourage your customers to reorder regularly so your business grows!
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